Live Out Nanny Vs. Live In Nanny

What are the key differences?... A live-out nanny does not live in your home. The live-out nanny goes to their own place of residence after they finish their scheduled shift. A live-in nanny lives in your home. After the live-in nanny's scheduled shift, the live-in nanny stays at your home.

What May Influence Your Decision To Hire One Type Of Nanny Over The Other?

Family size, age of the children, wanting the nanny to be like apart of the family. All of these reasons are why some families choose to hire live-in nannies. A family may feel like this is the best option, as the children can grow up with a nanny that's like an extended part of the family. Also, the family may need more than just a nanny. The family may need the nanny to manage other household or non-household duties. For instance, the nanny may also need to be a personal assistant to the family, run errands, help with housekeeping duties, or just manage the household in general. However, the most common reason is to have the nanny be like part of the family, and to have the children see the nanny as a constant caregiver in the home. Keep in mind live-in nannies may require sponsorship because they may be from another country. A nanny agency can help walk you through the process.

A live-out nanny can be a life-saver for busy parents that don't want to have someone living in their home. Also, under the live-out nanny category would be mother's helpers. In short, a mother's helper, helps the parent take care of the child(ren) while the parent(s) are at home. During the day while the mother's helper tidies up or is engaging the children, the parent can tend to the other child. Or a new mom that just needs help in the day, can get an extra set of hands to pitch in. A live-out nanny can make the day feel more structured. The live-out nanny option works great for some households. Things don't get too familiar and remain a bit more professional and focused on the child.

What Are The Similarities?

There are many similarities between a live-in and live-out nanny. It comes down to what you would be comfortable with. Would you like the nanny to live with you our not? A nanny agency, will be able to assist you with finding the most qualified nanny that will suit your needs.

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